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Want to know what Roseburg was like according to German travellers in 1898 (approx.)? Check out the digitized copy of Lloyd Norddeutscher  & Arthur Schüler's Guide through North America available via the Library of Congress.

Guide through North America cover art

Use the UCC Library Search Box below to find articles in academic and trade journals, news and magazine articles, print books, eBooks, streaming video, patents, and more!

History Resources from the UCC Library

As you probably know, history is quite an all-encompassing topic. There will never be ONE SPECIFIC PLACE to go to find everything you need about the history of one topic - that is not why this guide was created. This guide was created to help you find a number of different resources and resource types on historical topics from A to Z.

Click through the tabs, scroll through the boxes, and search through the databases and see what you can find. When in doubt, ask your librarian for help!

Finding basic reference material is an exceptional way to begin your research. Check out the following databases for reference material related to your topic(s).

Databases can be tricky. Some might sound like the exact right spot for you to search, only for you to find out that there is simply nothing there. That doesn't mean you should give up! Search through another database, change up your terminology, look at what it is you're actually searching for. Remember, if you need help always ask for it.

UCC subscribes to Films on Demand for streaming digital content. This film database houses a plethora of historical documentaries, speeches, and various other content. Benefits of this over YouTube are accurately generated transcripts, citation assistance tools, no copyright issues, and NO COMMERCIALS!

Some of the major featured historical works in here are documentaries by Ken Burns, PBS, A&E, NOVA, and the History Channel.


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