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Chileans toast with a call for salud (health) multiple times during a meal.

Chileans toast with a call for salud (health) multiple times during a meal.

Image by Astro Now (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

If you are researching a more specific topic related to your country and aren't finding the information that you need in the reference databases, you will probably want to check out a book/ebook and/or articles. You can do that by searching the UCC Library Search Box below or any of the other individual databases on this page. 

I recommend first checking to see if there are books or ebooks on your topic and then looking for articles if you haven't found any books. The reason for this is that books will often provide you with in-depth coverage/discussion of a topic. Remember that you don't have to read the entire book -- you can read just a chapter or two that relates to your topic. 

Use the UCC Library Search Box below to find articles in academic and trade journals, news and magazine articles, print books, eBooks, streaming video, patents, and more!

These databases contain information about a wide variety of cultural topics from around the world.

These databases & websites contain the full text of reference books (e.g., encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, travel guides) that will give you the big picture of different topics related to the country that you are researching. Depending on your topic, these might be your first and final research stop.

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