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Umpqua Community College is committed to the health and safety of all members of our community. To safeguard our community, UCC’s CARES (Coordinate Assess Respond Evaluate Support) team has developed a reporting system to share appropriate information so students can receive or stay connected to the academic support and student wellness services they need. This referral system is one element of a safe and supportive campus community.

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This guide is meant to provide guidance for staff and faculty about levels of student behavior and resources to connect students who may be in need of support. It is also meant to provide faculty and staff with a resource to help facilitate referrals to the CARES team in situations where they might need extra consultation around student success scenarios.


This is not meant for use in the case of emergency. If you believe anyone is in immediate danger, call 911. If you need assistance or counseling consultation, you are welcome to contact the UCC Wellness Counselor and Mental Health Professional (CSWA) to assist by emailing, or calling 541-440-7896. If they are unavailable, you can reach a Qualified Mental Health Professional at ADAPT Integrated Health Cares Crisis Line at 800-866-9780. They can provide students with direct mental health support, and can provide consultation, assistance and advice about how to support individuals who are in distress. They also often have a crisis worker who can deploy to the community if needed.

UCC does not approve non–counseling staff being directed to provide any form of counseling services to students or to act outside of their scope of practice or expertise. We do support a monitored referral on behalf of students to help connect them to appropriate resources on and off campus. This guide is with that goal in mind, to support staff in making referrals to resources such as the CARES team and to connect students to needed services.

Training can help faculty and staff know how to effectively intervene in difficult student success scenarios. Please take advantage of onsite trainings provided throughout the school year by Counseling Services staff in topics such as:

  • Suicide Intervention and Prevention: Question Persuade Respond Training (QPR)
  • Trauma Informed Care for Student Success
  • Crisis Prevention Institute Verbal De-escalation Strategies

Notifications of trainings dates and times are advertised via email and on The Nest

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