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Evaluating Websites

Elements to Consider: Questions to Ask: Watch For:
Author Who is the author?
What are her credentials?
Is there contact information?
bad grammar
Publisher Who is the publisher?
What does the URL tell about them?


Search for the name of the organization that owns the site

Purpose What is the purpose of the web site?
Does it inform, explain, or persuade?
hidden purposes
vested interest
Accuracy Is the information accurate?
Can you verify statements of fact?
Is the topic covered comprehensively?
lack of documentation
vague or sweeping generalizations
no date on page
missing information
Objectivity Is the information presented objectively?
Are arguments and opinions supported?
Are arguments presented in a fair and reasonable way?
Are various viewpoints addressed?
intemperate language
lack of balance
inappropriate use of bold-face, italicized, and large fonts
Currency Is the information current?
Are the links current?
Is the page updated regularly?
dead links
outdated information
no date on page

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