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About this Guide

This guide was created to support the Early Childhood Education classes at Umpqua Community College.

Use this guide to help you find creative educational activities for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers that are related to the following topics:

Art & exploration, music & movement, social studies, math & numbers, finger plays & chance, dramatic play, books & stories, cooking & nutrition, science & sensory

For information about the Early Childhood Education program at UCC please contact:

Enrollment Services

For questions about the guide and the resources it contains, please contact the guide owner below.

Explora - Educator's Edition (EBSCOHost)

Search basics

Boolean operators - AND, OR, NOT

AND - narrow your search

  • education AND preschool
  • Search results have both search terms

OR - broaden your search

  • preschool OR toddlers
  • Search results have either one of the search terms or both search terms. Use with synonyms or similar terms.

NOT - narrow your search

  • education NOT adult
  • Search results with education, but not with adult. Be careful not to exclude useful search results unintentionally.


  • educational activities AND (preschool OR toddler OR infant)
  • educational activities AND (preschool OR toddler OR infant) AND math
  • activities AND education AND (toddlers OR infants OR preschool)
  • activities AND education AND (toddlers OR infants OR preschool) AND science
George Boole by Liz Teoli

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