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What's New at the UCC Library?

UCC Library Remodel Week 2

by Liz Teoli-Thomason on 2023-06-30T15:01:01-07:00 in Library & College Resources | 0 Comments

Library Services for Summer Term

There will be limited Library, Tutoring, and Tech Help services available in WCH 11/17 Monday - Thursday from 8-5pm starting on July 10th.

The Library will remain closed for the entirety of the summer term. If you have items to return you can do so in the Student Center or rooms 11 & 17 in Wayne Crooch Hall (WCH 11/17). If you need to check out a laptop for the summer term you can do so in WCH 11/17 - you must have a photo ID with you and be enrolled in summer courses at UCC. You may also check out a graphing or scientific calculator for the summer term there as well. Laptops and wifi hotspots will not check out for fall term until the library reopens in late September.

Remodel Updates

Miscellaneous photos from inside the empty library

Here we are at the end of the second full week of the Sue Shaffer Learning Commons and Library remodel.

Most everything has been removed from the Library and the Success Center except for the random shelf, chair, and strange lighting fixture. Never fear though, that WONDERFULLY MAGNIFICENT red and blue carpet is still holding down the fort! I have it on good authority that it would make a DYNAMITE race track for some go-kart races...

The new pod is just hanging out on their own, but soon to join the "newest additions!" to the physical space is a small conference-style room where faculty, staff, and students will be able to try out new technology down the road when we get it...and when it has walls built.

The next new addition is not entirely new, but entirely repurposed! What used to be the library supply room is being framed out to be an office for the new Library Director!

Personnel Updates

As you read previously we said aloha to a few of our teammates earlier this month. Former Library Director Kelly Peter is settling in to her new gig on the Eastern Seaboard while former Library Assistant Shannon Cambra is settling in to her new job as an Assistant Cataloger with Ingram Book Company. We miss them terribly and wish them all the best in their new endeavors. 

At the same time, we're happy to announce two people in new roles who are not new to the college. As of July 1st, 2023 the Sue Shaffer Learning Commons and Library will have a brand new Tutoring Coordinator and a brand new Library Director, Karri Miller and Liz Teoli, respectively.

Tutoring Coordinatortutoring coordinator Karri Miller on the left side of library director Liz Teoli with the Riverhawk logo between the two

Karri Miller has been with Umpqua Community College since 2011, she has filled many important positions over the years (Library Assistant, Faculty Tutor, Adjunct Faculty for the CIS Department, to name a few). Now, she is taking the reigns of the Tutoring Center and running full-speed ahead with this exciting new opportunity.

Library Director

Liz Teoli is has been the Research & Instruction Librarian at Umpqua Community College since fall of 2021. Prior to that she was in the same role at Northern Essex Community College in Massachusetts, and was a Research Librarian at Windward Community College in Hawaii. She is excited for the opportunity to oversee the newly remodeled Library and build a dynamic team of professional library staff.


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