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A Night at the Theater! Exploring the Ancient World with Kanopy

by Nik Grimsby on 2024-04-17T12:46:00-07:00 in Library & College Resources | 0 Comments

The Great Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus at the Sanctuary of Asclepius 

A Night at the Theater with Kanopy!

Kanopy is an on-demand streaming video platform for all UCC students, staff, and faculty that offers a world of cinema including films, TV shows, educational videos, and documentaries. The best part? This service is free! 


Explore the ancient world and beyond with Kanopy! With films such as...

The Centurion film poster Greek Theater: Production and Staging Plays documentary posterAntony and Cleopatra


First time using Kanopy?

To access Kanopy, go to the UCC Library website. Click on "Databases." A menu will drop down, from here select "All Databases." This page shows all of the databases provided by the UCC Library to students. Click on the letter "K" for Kanopy. Finally, click on "Kanopy." 

If you wish to create a watch later playlist, or start a film and continue watching later,  you will have to create an account. To do this, click the icon in the top right hand corner. Then click "create an account." Follow the prompts. 

Jeopardy Game

Don't forget to register for the Ancient Worlds Jeopardy game, taking place on May 16th at 3pm in the library. You can register here.






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